avi arad

The producer of Venom’s guide to NY

New York has been incredibly important to The Marvel universe – more so than any other city. There are the places that everybody knows, like The Flatiron Building being The Daily Bugle, The X Men showdown on Ellis Island, but hopefully it encourages the tourist to visit areas like Hell’s Kitchen where Dare Devil is from.  It didn’t have a great reputation for so many years – but it’s now one of the coolest areas of the city, with some of the best restaurants.

Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village is pretty much the best pizza you are going to get in the city. Let that sink in – New York is the pizza capital of the world – and Joe’s is the best pizza you are going to get in the best city for pizza in the world. If while you’re there you think it looks familiar, it’s because that’s where Peter Parker worked in Spiderman 2. The bar in Dare Devil, which is called Hell’s Kitchen in the show, is actually Turkey’s Nest Tavern in Brooklyn and is one of the city’s best dive bars.

I think most tourists who visit New York will visit The Rockefeller Center, but they will overlook one of the best bits of the building, which are the beautiful rooftop gardens. Some of it is private space, but parts are open to the public. It’s where Spiderman dropped Mary Jane after a fight with the Green Goblin.

My favourite venue in New York that has been featured in the Marvel universe is undoubtedly Grand Central Station, one of the most iconic buildings in the city. It’s extra special for me – when I walk through it, I can’t help thinking of that epic Avengers battle.

Greenwich Village has recently started being used in our movies again – it has some great parks, great shopping, and some really nice places to eat. It also hosts the headquarters of Doctor Strange, which is on Bleeker if you want to go and check it out. Bleeker is now pretty much a Greenwich Village nightclub district, if partying is your thing.