Milaidhoo Maldives

Stay: Milaidhoo Island

It might sound terribly unfair, but for a resort in the Maldives to rise above the competition in 2018, it needs more than just a beautiful stretch of beach, traditional water villas and the opportunity for some tranquil, sun-drenched moments. While those attributes now seemingly come as standard, a resort needs a USP to help elevate it above its rivals, and it’s an idea that the boutique resort of Milaidhoo Island has locked down in the most fantastic of ways. The summer months of June to November here mean only one thing: manta ray season. With the stunning...

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This could well be the closest you’ll get to feeling like a celebrity – your seaplane lands and a posse of fans wait to welcome you. Well, not fans exactly, but adoring staff at the Lux South Ari Atoll in the Maldives, where everyone knows your name, likes, dislikes and dietary requirements. Peaceful hideaway or active adventure (think jet packs, whale shark diving, snorkelling, and yoga), you’re in charge of the itinerary on this picture-perfect island where – just to hammer that home – you can even learn how to take the perfect picture in...

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