Dubai rugby sevens

How To Win The Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens

What’s the single biggest reason people should go to the sevens?

Quite simply for the superhuman athletic ability that’s on show.

Is this a great way of seeing potential superstars of the future?

Absolutely. So many teams use the sevens series as part of a player’s development progression. They then get to choose whether to stay in sevens or move across to fifteens.

What are the mental and physical qualities that a great rugby sevens player requires?

I would say, mentally, it’s perseverance, fortitude, composure and a being a little sneaky. Physically it’s all about endurance, agility, and having a broad skill set.

So how does sevens differ from playing fifteens?

In fifteens, the collision point becomes more pivotal, so size and power play a bigger role. Individually, players can have a narrower skill set, too, because they would be more specialised in their position.

How important is Dubai on the sevens circuit?

Dubai starts the season, and every team wants to get off to a solid start. The emphasis will be on finding the team’s rhythm as quickly as possible.

What does it take to win the series?

Consistency. A team needs to make a couple back-to-back finals throughout the season.

Who would be in your all-time sevens dream team?

That’s not an easy one, Tell you what, let’s say: Cecil Afrika, Seabelo Senatla, Jerry Tuwai, Tom Mitchell, Phil Burgess, Kwagga Smith and Perry Baker. I’ll let them figure out their own positions.

A big part of Dubai Sevens – for the crowd at least – is fancy dress. What would you come as?

It’s been ages since I’ve done fancy dress, but if I did I think I’d be turning up as a Ninja Turtle.