Travel essentials: The sunglasses that respond to voice commands

Think your rose-tinted Ray-Bans are a modern phenomenon? Consider Nero, the 1st-century Roman emperor, who according to historian Pliny the Elder wore glasses with emerald lenses to watch blood-soaked gladiatorial combat with a green-tinted backdrop.

Sunglasses, however, have stayed strong ever since, whether in the form of John Lennon’s ethereal round frames, Dirty Harry’s tough-guy Wayfarers, or Audrey Heburn’s cat-eye Oliver Goldsmith’s.

Seeing in stark sunlight isn’t enough for today’s connected world. What you need is a pair of sunglasses that reflects your cutting-edge tech taste, in addition to harmful UV rays.

Enter the Zungle Viper, a model far less Miami Vice than its name suggests. Each pair has powerful inbuilt speakers and a 5.0 Bluetooth wireless connection: perfect for those struggling to wear both glasses and headphones on holiday.

With the Viper, sound conducts through your cheekbones into your ears. This may sound creepy, but it means your eardrums are free to focus on noise around you – meaning you won’t accidentally get knocked down by that tuk-tuk/taxi/tram rolling up behind you.

And while other tech/glass mashups have been less than desirable in the style department (yes you, Google Glass), the Viper is a pleasingly chunky and classic design. Embrace them; for no one can hear you stream.


-The Viper can play music, take phone calls and connect to A.I

-Each pair is lightweight (50g) and sweat and weather resistant

-You can give it voice commands: “Play music”, “Is it raining?”

From $120,