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Travel essentials: the GoPro Hero

It’s one of the great philosophical questions of our time, and one that has more resonance with every passing year. ‘Seriously, dude, have you even been on holiday if you haven’t captured it on film?’

With travellers increasingly shunning hedonistic travel options in favour of more experiential trips, you need to make sure you have the right kit for the task at hand. Something durable enough to survive climbing a rocky outcrop, small enough to stick in your pocket and waterproof enough to still work after you’ve fallen into a lake.

This entry-level GoPro Hero camera fits the bill for all of the above and more. It has an easy to use two-inch touch display and is waterproof to 30-feet. Simply shoot your footage and then offload it all to the GoPro app and share. All you need now is to head off somewhere video-worthy.


GoPro Hero, US$232, GOPRO.COM


Tell your camera to start and stop recording, turn off and more.


Capture everything in HD video and 10MP photo performance.


It features video stabalisation to help smooth out the shakes from your footage.


Simply offload your images and videos to the app on your phone, then share liberally.