Kameha Grand, Zurich, Switzerland

The catchphrase is ‘life is grand’ and indeed, a stay at the Kameha Grand might leave you feeling in rude health. It’s something of a man-about-town’s paradise so expect Maserati pick-ups from Zurich airport, suites filled with table football, basketball hoops or James Bond-style roulette tables and straight-down-the-line luxury wherever you look. In the gentleman’s suite, a globe doubles as a whisky trolley and a gun as a lamp. Super-friendly staff go out of their way to cater to your every request, room service club sandwiches are exquisite beasts and the Michelin-starred You restaurant has many fans.

While you can easily lose yourself in the hotel’s amenities – use the gym, get a massage in the top floor spa or enjoy drinks and cigars in the bar – we couldn’t help but love the Space Suite. Designed by the artist Michael Najjar, you’ll find floating beds, hovering astronauts and a whole host of other intergalactic furnishings.

In fact, after spending a few days here, it’ll become clear that life isn’t so much grand as out of this world.


Words: Christopher Beanland

Image: André Nazareth