Jason Momoa’s guide to the Gold Coast

We had some long days filming Aquaman, but the one thing you have to do while in the Gold Coast is to go diving, as it’s one of the best places in the world to do it. The whole point of superhero movies is to transport you to another world – like Aquaman does with The City of Atlantis – and that’s what diving in parts of Australia will do too. It’s so beautiful, you feel like you’re in another world.

Restaurant-wise, The Social Eating House in Broadbeach is amazing. It’s a casual place but the food is fresh and absolutely fantastic. As you would expect from being so close to the ocean, the seafood is great, but they do amazing steaks too.

Cycling is definitely the best form of transport on the Gold Coast; it’s such a beautiful place, you don’t want to be stuck in a car. It’s also so important for the sustainability of the place and its environment. Just don’t be a naughty boy like me; I kept getting photographed without a helmet on, which is actually breaking a Queensland Government rule.

Bar hopping is a big thing over there. It’s not like we could do it much, but I did manage to get out. You have to remember this isn’t LA or New York – people go for a night out in shorts and flip flops – exactly how I like it.

Byron Bay isn’t that far away, and if you’re there while Bluesfest is on, you have to make time to get there. I literally had the time of my life there, and managed to play a little blues in the Gibson Guitar Tent, which has some of the best guitars in the world. The artists are incredible, the music is incredible, and the atmosphere is incredible.

We can’t talk about The Gold Coast without mentioning surfing – if you want to try it out go and see my good buddy Tim who owns The Surfboard Warehouse over there. What that guy doesn’t know about surfing over there, isn’t worth knowing. He is always happy to talk to you about the best spots – and if you feel like spending a few bucks, they design the most amazing custom surfboards.