martin parr

Five minutes with Martin Parr

Photographer Martin Parr began his career in Manchester in the early 1970s, regularly returning to explore its habits. A major new exhibition brings together a 40-year selection of his world-renowned images of the English city

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Graphene City

In 2004, scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov discovered a wonder material in Manchester. Incredibly strong, yet just a single atom thick, graphene is now on the brink of revolutionising every part of our daily lives – and Manchester itself

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London swings

A group of musicians has slowly built a scene that has the whole world listening – and they did it without the help of major record labels, big venues or mainstream media. Some say they’ve created a completely new sound, others that it’s the next stage in the development of a great tradition. Nobody really knows what to call it. For now, we’ll call it jazz. London jazz.

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