Can food bring about real, inedible good?

Down on Norway’s southernmost tip is a restaurant like no other in Europe. Partially submerged beneath the North Sea off the coast of Lindesnes, ‘Under’ will soon become the continent’s first subaquatic dining space. From a distance it looks as though a concrete monolith has toppled from the shore into the ocean. But by the time Under opens in April next year, tourists and intrepid epicures alike will be able to dine while observing the marine environment from its giant panoramic window onto the seabed. The design team behind Under, Snøhetta, call it a ‘sunken periscope’...

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Graphene City

In 2004, scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov discovered a wonder material in Manchester. Incredibly strong, yet just a single atom thick, graphene is now on the brink of revolutionising every part of our daily lives – and Manchester itself

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