QE2 Dubai

A new purpose for the QE2

Why would someone board an ocean liner to go nowhere? People do not pay for the pleasure of sitting on a motionless plane or inside a stationary car – not intentionally anyway – so what makes a ship any different? The concept of the floating hotel has always been slightly contradictory but there are floating hotels and then there is the QE2. Other than the Titanic, she may just be the most famous liner in history. Retired a decade ago after sailing further than any other ship – almost six million nautical miles in almost 40 years navigating...

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Five minutes with: An escapologist

Award-winning escapologist Krendl Magic talks going through the pain barrier, brushes with death and how what you see on stage is real What makes this show so different? The main thing is in collaborating with some of the best illusionists from around the world and then bringing them together on one stage. Most shows have one or two, we have seven. What’s your favourite moment? For me, honestly, it’s when I get out of the Water Torture Cell trick alive. No matter how many times I go in the tank, not once has it come easy...

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Palazzo Versace

There’s a mosaic on the lobby floor of Dubai’s Palazzo Versace hotel. It’s made up of 1.5 million tiles and depicts the classical Medusa head. Above it hangs a 3,000kg Bohemia crystal chandelier imported from the Czech Republic. And that’s all before you’ve even checked-in. From the lobby to high-ceilinged rooms, the three outdoor pools to a spa covering 1,000 square metres, large spaces are elegantly styled here, neatly avoiding the gaudy pitfalls that some of the city’s more opulent hotels seem to slip into. There are eight restaurants to choose from but head to the signature Italian...

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