Dom Joly, Adam Paterson

Driving lessons with Dom Joly

I am currently on a road trip across Europe in search of the perfect fish soup. My journey has taken me from Bilbao to San Sebastian, over to Marseilles and Nice before heading back down to Barcelona. For those who are interested, a restaurant called Miramar in the Old Port area of Marseilles won the competition, but this column is not about fish soup – it’s about road rage. Every road trip I have ever been on has resulted in some incident or another. I would call it bad luck, my wife has other theories. Suffice to say that,...

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El Raval Barcelona, Spain

El Raval lies in the heart of Barcelona and forms part of the labyrinth that is known as Ciutat Vella (Old Town). It’s an area bursting at the seams with artists, creative professionals and the city’s more salubrious characters – making up a rich and alluring tapestry for any visitor. Formed in the 14th Century, Raval was created as an extension of the city. The industrial revolution brought factories to the area and with them high-rise tenement buildings, squalor, vice and high mortality rates. During this time it was one of the most densely populated areas in Europe and...

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